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The Traditional Indian System for better health and happy life

Dr. and Raj Vaidya Pt. Shiva Kumar Shastri (ABMS. Fras London) and his progeny offer the best and the surest Ayurveda treatment in the world at Sri Dhanwantari Dharmamrit Ayshadhalay in Varanasi.

Pt. Shastri was the versatile grandson of Mahamana Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya. As an eleven-generation heritage, he received the knowledge of the entire Ayurved system from his learned father and authority in Ayurveda.

For generations, this family has been of spiritual Physicians (RAJ VAIDYA) of Maharaja of Banaras, the princely state of Banaras. An alumna of the Banaras Hindu University in Ayurveda and modern medical sciences, Shiv Kumar Shastri received through GURU – SHISHYA PARAMPARA (Master & Disciple System in India) expertise in various disciplines – Karmakanda, Jyotish, Indian Chemistry, Yoga and Pharma, etc.

He was an incomparable physician, and the only one to cure any sort of paralysis. He was an idolized maestro of the almost forgotten “Nari-Vijnan”.

He was rich in “Gandharva Vidya” (Music-Vocal and Instrumental and the classics like Bharat Natyam) and well-versed in the field of “Ras prayoga” in literature and fine arts as well as in Ayurved.

Pt. Shastri was a peculiar and rare combination of a host with the sweetest behaviour, a kind heart, and a rare scholar. 

After Dr. Shastri's heavenly abode, his renowned sons, Doctors Ram Kumar Shastri, Nandu Shastri and Sameer Shastri are carrying the flame of this great tradition.


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