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A brief magna introduction of Ayurvedacharya, Lalit Kalawid, (Fine artist) Adhunik Dhanwantari Swaroop “Prajna Purush, Raj Vaidya Pt. Shiva Kumar Shastri.

Modern Dhanwantari, aged about eighty, devoted each moment in the direction of human welfare Pt. Shiva Kumar Shastri is the versatile grandson of Mahamana Pt. Madan Mohan Malvia. As a heritage, he received the knowledge of entire Ayurved from his learned father and an authority in Ayurveda Pt. Ram Shankarji as well as, with his tireless devotion he made it even glittering. Including so many incurable diseases he is the only and incomparable physician to cure any sort of paralysis. Due to his “bliss” innumerous men and women have received their lost activities and functions and became quite capable of doing and living as before. He is an idolized maestro of the almost forgotten “Nari-Vijnan”. He is well known for the specialty of his own, when we talk of medico-planning as well as self-preparation of all of it.

Rich in “Gandharva Vidya” (Music-Vocal and Instrumental and the classics like Bharat Natyam). He is well-versed in the field of “Ras prayoga” in literature and fine arts as well as in Ayurved. He has worshipped “Naad Brahma”, sitting by the holy feet of sangeetacharya Chhotey Ram Das and got the prode of achieving supremacy in vocal music, instrumental music and dance.

For generations, this family has been Physicians (RAJ VAIDYA) of Maharaja of Banaras, the princely state of Banaras. An alumna of the Banaras Hindu University in Ayurveda and modern medical sciences, Shiv Kumar Shastri received through GURU – SHISHYA PARAMPARA (Master & Disciple System in India) expertise in various disciplines – Karmakanda, Jyotish, Indian Chemistry, Yoga and Pharma, etc.

At present he is the only “Acharya” of the “Eastern School” of music. When getting the touch of his fingers, the silent sitar becomes eager to sing and the audience begins to feel and undergo the “Samadhi Sukham”, (meditated) with his so many arts in hand, through them he has been focusing the Indian knowledge there in the Foreign and even today the knowledge seeking foreigners when use to come to him, quite surrendered they get satisfied.

The idolized form of his “Sadhana” is “Shiva Bhairavi Muth”. He is a remarkable signature of the stage too. The Sangam of Hari and Har (the combination of Vishnu and Shiva) not only for his name, he bears, the richness of fluent and freestyle Banarasi riches and so on one hand he is “Shiva” and on the other hand he is absolutely “Pushtimargi Vaishnava”. He is a peculiar and rare combination of a host with sweetest behaviour, a kind heart, and a rare scholar. No matter for the removal of a disease or for the solution of anxieties if one has come, he would never returned blank-handed. Varanasi feels proud of him and will feel the same in the ages to come.

A peculiar scholar in Ayurved based medicology and “Nari-Vijnan”. Personality of a Scholar: The work of a graceful flag person could be understood, who belongs to an ever-awakening tradition. The reality is that in the first glance, we feel bound to accept the rare and vast learning of his father as well as his forefathers. In him the Tej, Oj, Tapa, Kranti, Shree and the beauty of this composite, and its divine glaze could easily be seen. Just akin to his father late Pandit Ram Shanker Shastri vaidya, he is well known for his liberal, carefree, rigid, merciful and scholar’s vigilant personality.

Shastriji, is a scholar in both the fields of Ayurved, the theoretical as well as the practical and in this field there are very few, who still remain in this country. But above all is the fact, that even being a traditional vaidya, by means of his deep study, he has the rare knowledge of the modern medical science and its latest achievements. He is found ever anxious to study about “Unani”, “Homeopathy” and other devices of cure.

In the sane way, for an instance, if we take up literature then Shastriji can, speak much more than a normal expectation on Sanskrit, Hindi, urdu, English, Bangla, Gujrati and Marathi and even other literatures with command. In literature, not only poetry, story, play, novel or any stream or any branch of learning one can talk to him till he is satisfied, Now, in the world of today, No doubt this is something very exceptional. Often during gatherings, it is seen when meeting with the experts and authorities in Botany, Management or Chemistry, he talks quite open heartedly. Even in varanasi few persons know that he is a rare scholar in “Tantra”, and there have been so many speeches on such complicated topics. In the field of music and drama, he has remained active for as long as five decades and has established an especial recognition of his own.

The work and personality of Shastriji is off-course multidimensional. In one article his complete valuation is not possible. The depth of his deep knowledge knows no limits. We may ask which is the knowledge and what is beyond his caliber. He knows everything, his innate anxiety, gets saturated with continued study, “Satsanga”, respects towards the learned and freehold transfer of learning, and no one like him is seen in Varanasi. A “Vaidya” (Physician), preparing medicines with sulphur and mercury needs to undergo “Aghorcharya”. He is required the citation of “Aghorgayatri”, has to pay “Bali” and the “vaishnav”, alternative of the same is required to make use of. He is of the opinion that not only there is a co-relation between “Raga” and “Poem”, and that the “Tar” (Vibrations) and medicines have their specified and direct relationship. Starting from Musq, Agar, Panchanga, Trina, Taru, Vriksha and Apamarga(Chichari) to samudraphen, Moonga(Coral), Moti(Pearl) and Hira(Diamond) etc. and what-so-ever we talk about and into the deep of their individual distinctions the vast knowledge of Ayurved, Yoga, Tantra and Astrology is an essential. Alongwith painting, sculpture, playing (instrumental) dance and drama, without the adequate knowledge of palmistry, none can become a complete “Vaidya”. Vigilent sighted Shastriji, it knows much more about Shodh, paripak, put, parpati, awaleha, prash and bati, then he is the only figure who knows about the sands of the history of Banaras. Rajvaidya, is not only a learned figure in chemistry, Gymology, ring, “Tilak and Yantra” but also an authority In Alopathy, Homoeopathy, Tibbia-Unani and has natural welcomes towards virtues. When reaching to him a popper can enter then a king can be restricted to get in.

This is more and more convenient to say of Shastriji that he is the grandson of Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya. One can assume absolutely vaishnava Mahamana Maliviyaji won’t have thought of marrying his daughter in an ordinary family or to an ordinary figure. The founder of the B.H.U., and keeping an eye on prosperity and nature, Malaviya won’t have selected an ordinary groom. In the house of Pt. Shiva Kumar Shastri, the guns, pistols and revolvers, having been used during last three to four centuries, the “Kharalas” to prepare medicines, furnaces and stills for extraction of Asawas, to finally prepare the Rasayanas, Kandara and so many varieties of timber are collected. Each member in the family is well-versed in deciding over a proportion and getting the medicines prepared, and the skill they possess. Availing all the prosperity, peerha (the wooden asan), with the tradition of the “kitchen”, Bara Peerha, Bara thal, the traditional and hereditary utensils of pure silver, bowls, copper utensils and purwa-pattal, everything could be seen here. Inspite of modernization, the traditions have been kept still alive in this family.

Actually Varanasi(Banaras) is not only a city for religion, faith, temples, ponds, tanks, wells, bettels, Thandhai, richer dishes and richer sweets rather this is a city which is remarkably known for the bath, Hamp, so many varieties of “Syrups, and the city to invent the art of innumerous delicious dishes. It is must for those who are seeking knowledge, to visit and see Shastriji. He is the greatest of all vaidyas in the country and has the deepest knowledge of, right from the “Chhattidoodh” to “Doodhbhat”, feast of Xth and the XIIIth days after one’s death, Tripindi Shraddha” and other food (Naivedyas) required for the delties, our forefathers, “NavaDurga” “Chandi”, “Chamunda”, Ishta-Nishta, devis, bhoot, pishach, Dayan, Churail, Marhi, Parhi and so many many other devices for their saturation. The forefathers of vaidyaji are not only “Raj vaidya” of “Kashiraj family” and he is also the “Raj. vaidya” of Awadhoot Bhagwan Ram as well as vaidya for learning. The rare pictures and photograph of “Baba”, his letters, the Ivory teeth of Sant Keena Ram, Baba’s Khappar, (Kamandal) are the living proof of his “Sadhana Sthal”. The medicines, which are too precious can be availed from the residence. In the house of Vadiya Raj, A dog for Rs. Eighty thousand, a parrot for Rs. Seventy thousand to Phurgudi and Nagdevata etc. all reside.

Various types of vines, Bonsais, the rare stock of old manuscripts, old printed ones, self originated articles, like L.P.S of music, different kind of “Shankhs” all the variations known in the field gems and jewels, rare distillations and fragrances, ritu, raga, hour, prahar and co-related knowledge could be seen as meuseum. In his personality the combination and the look of all the specialities of “Banaras Gharana” can be observed in which singing, playing, dancing, acting all those are the complementary articles or each other. Following his family tradition along with Ayurved and other “Shastras”, he has well studied the rare work in music, like the “Natya Shastra”, of Bharat Muni, Abhinay Darpan, “Hiyahulas”, and “Nad Vinod”, His father as well as his grandfather were classic singers and playman. Due to his literary and musical family background, he has ever been deeply related with the strongest signatures of literature and music like Mrs. Kesar Bhai Kerkar, Pt. Omkar Nath Thakur, Faiyaz Khan, Bare Ghulam Ali Khan, Munawar Ali Khan, B.R. Deodhar, Ustad Vilayat Khan, Ali Akabar Khan, V.C. Jog, S.N. Tripathi, Nausad Sahab, Damayanti Joshi, Natraj Gopi Krishna, the magician of Sarangi Gopal Mishra, Pt. Baij Nath Mishra, Pt. Anokhey lal, Pt. Bare Ram Das, Sarangi Player Bachchay Lal Mishra, Pt. Narayan Mishra, film actor Kanhaiya Lal Pt. Bheemsen Joshi, Pt. Jasraj, Pt. Kishan Maharaj, Smt. Sitara Devi. “Today perchance there could be found one such as “Baboo ji”, who knows better about Banarasi holi, Chaiti as well as the famous “Kajari” of the east.

So many disciples from Korea, Hungry and Holland have been coming and receiving the special knowledge in the field with respect to encourage and elevate the Indian Ayurvedic medical-science in other countries. A renowned Television company in Hungry has prepared a telefilm on Vaidyaji. Having been invited from Holland and Belgium, he visited there, and not only taught than, rather he cured certain incurable diseases there. He has been to Brazil, so many times which no sooner he reached there it is an information about his arrival to be must on T.V. Radio and other magazines. Vaidya Raj Shastriji says that gems and jewels are very deeply and seriously taken in behaviour and that is why the Science of jewels needs to studied and naturally there would be requirement for there collection as an essential . Along with the same, that fossils are required and for this one has to need Geology.

In Ayurved, the living matters are widely used and taking its eight-subgroups the urine of certain animals, milk, ghee, blood, flesh(meat), smell, marrow, bone and Kastoori are living elements which extremely need its recognition and collection. He very often says that among herbs, there are such more than a thousand herbs those are suspected , and if available it could not be purchased there in the market. Because they are too dear to be purchased such as “Agar” and “Tagar”, In the same mannar, to decide our the “Pathyapathya” (the diet chart of a patient) one should acquire knowledge in food and cookery and for this purpose one Should go through “Nakul Samhita”. To understand Ayurved, ved-vedanga Nigamagamas, History, Puranas, all the six philosophies, literature and astrology etc., all these subjects are extremely required to be studies. A vaidya must be merciful, learned of Shastras and a good chemist nor he should earn through his practice, the wealth, which might come in on way to injustice. A binding by and following the same ideals Shastriji has widely collected manuscripts. His father has written his work in Ayurved, known as “Vatavyadhi”. His forefathers have gathered the basic elements, and to their capacity they managed to do their best with “Yantras” and other apparatuses. Here, there has been coming the bright tradition of preparation of medicines for the last centuries and they possess the rare most medicines in their collections.

This family has never taken any sort of help neither in the regime of the Islamic rules, the English nor by the present governments after independence of the nation. Shastriji told that their generation was quite an old most sanatan tradition of life, but so for as, for the time, who could be kept in memory, the under given steps show the generations known to us.

* 1. Pt. Kanhaiya Ll Ji, Vaidya
* 2. Pt. Girdhari Lal Ji, Vaidya
* 3. Pt Baboo Nandan Ji, Vaidya
* 4. Pt. Raghunandan Ji, Vaidya
* 5. Pt. Ram Shankar Ji, Vaidya
* 6. Pt. Shiv Kumar Shastri, Vaidya

All the aforesaid forefathers have been related with the royal family of Kashi and whosoever the history of Benares State is available, in that also this “Vaidya-Tradition” is well narrated. The present Pt. Shiv Kumar Shastri has once also treated Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and he got relief as well. Mrs. Indira Gandhi herself, called him to Delhi, in order to get treatment. When Choudhari Charan Singh underwent the attack of paralysis, he also was treated and cured by vaidyaji, pt. Shiv Kumar Shastri. He was kith and kin to Ram Manohar Lohia and Baboo Jai Prakash Narayan. He served free of cost in the well known “Ashram” of Awadhoot Bhagwan Ram at “Parao” for as long as thirty four years. He served there the leprosy patients. Former and the first president of India. Dr. Rajendra Prasad and the social leader or repute Baboo Prabhu Narayana Singh were too close to him. Apart from it. Hari Vansh Rai “Bachchan”, exgovernor Chenna Raddi, Pt. Vishnu Kant Shastri, the famous scholar Pt. Shiv Pd. Mishra “Rudra”, Ghulam Ali and Gopi Krishna have all maintained the family relations with this house.

The Interview:

An interview from the senior of the seniors Pt. Shiv Kumar Shastri by Dr. Jayant Shukla. For the last several countries, Kashi has been awarded the grace of possessing peculiar Scholars and known for the same. Amongst the same talents one “Prajna-Purush”, Raj Vaidya, Pt. Shiv Kumar Shastri (has been interviewed by Dr. Jayant Shukla ) who has been interviewed, the article is naturally based on the same.

Undergoing simple formalities, the surprising thing was, as he told, that today which “Charak-Sanhita” is talked about here and there, that one copy of “Charak-Sanhita” in its complete volume, is quite safe in the very Raj Vaidya family and which carried an authentic discussion with it, first of all, published by Munshi Ram Monohar Lal and edited by Pt. Jadavji, Trikamji Acharya, a mile stone in Ayurved “ The Chark Sanhita of Agnivesa”, this family was referred.

In the preface of this book on page 17, clause 10, the narration is that by grace of the revered Ayurved Shastracharya Pt. Ram Shankar Shastri to see the book, the hand written complete Charak Sanhita was received by him. Here, remarkably one thing which we see is that throughout the country, nowhere, it could be found in its original form. And here still stands their boon which in due course, could be conferred for the good of the mankind.

This “Raj Vaidya” Family has deep relation with the schools in vocal as well as instrumental music. Coming to the last when asked about the relation between a physician and music. In its reply the old grace, Shastriji says vaidya, who is fluent in “Veena Vadan”, and who has intermingled the elements of music, sitting by his guru, the touch of fingers coming out of his consciences can possess the knowledge of “Nari-Vijnan”.

He says, a human body is said to be a physical musical instrument that is “Gatra-Veena”. The Veena, which we use to play, it locates in the form of three villages in our body. Each of the three villages has its “Swar Sthan”, i.e. from where the “Sono” is elevated and accordingly there could be found the separate symptoms of “Tridosha and their cells. Which is described in various books and which is observed and counted from the roof of a thumb, is called “Dhamani” in Ayurved. And the same is a connected blood conveying tube. Vaidya Samrat Pt. Shastriji says “What is called “Nari and what relation it has got with “Dhamani”? one who dosen’t know this mystery how he would examine “Nari” and that is only why, in the tradition of our family, education of music and its exercise has been lasting as an essential.

Ayurved believes in this world- in that world. ”Brahma” and “Parabrahma”. It believes in sold and god and that is why, which is in my “Pind” (human body) the same is there in “Brahmanda” that is the universe. He further adds, alongwith “Brahma” the “Naad-Brahma” has laso got a class of it. This is an enough reason that Ayurved can tell of the Para psychological knowledge and other information. The famous Raj Vaidya Shastriji continues, at present the main problem is due to the scarcity of the required medicines and other elements, when preparing medicines and which means the absence of certain raw materials, Right from the regime of our forefathers up to the present, we have been preparing medicines at home. And during which minerals, acids, salts, herbs and gem and jewels are utilized. For instance, among such rare herbs one is “Tagar”, which could be round and arranged three years ago in 2005 from Mascot for the cost of Rs. 84000/- Kg. In the same way, so many herbs, medicines and certain minerals are almost vanished.

Our Indian government trumpets too much of the development of Ayurved, but it has not been able to provide then with its real cost as well as with real articles. To prepare certain medicines, the “Kharals” of distinct stones and rocks, and to find them or purchase is looking next to impossible. To get all the means and apparatus of a “Ras-Shala” (The old tradition lab) if 2 acres of land is required and for investment it can be limited between fifty to sixty lac of rupees. Where there is such a modern “Ras Shala”, already having been provided with such desired facilities. Being utilized in preparing medicines:

1. Jewels, mercury, Sulpher and Bhasma of games(gem-ash)
2. The ash of gold etc.
3. The well-rype chemicals in syrup.
4. medicines with the combination of herbs and other elements such as “Ghrita” and medicated tail (Oils) in preparation of medicines and in the field of research and experiments,
for the last as much as four centuries, tirelessly devoted Shastriji family’s the revered Pt. Shiv Kumar Shastriji, replies a question and says, “All the chronic diseases are treated according to the principles of Ayurved. For example, like paralysis and so many old and incurable diseases, have been eradicated by his institution and the success has established a land mark.

On the topic of family back-ground of this Raj vaidya family of repute in Kashi, he says all his three sons Pt. Ram Kumar Shastri, Pt. Nand Kumar Shastri and Pt. Sameer Kumar Shastri are bearing the liabilities of the hospital, and whose marketing is nowhere.

Turning a little and keeping a little distance from the Shastriya and the traditional manners right from the hours of our forefathers, the way of the preparation of certain medicines, could be found different than the established “formula”. Preparation of medicines as well as to treat with the patients along with, prescription of medicines has been being operated by all the ‘Sons right from their childhood so by the grace of god the tradition of Ayurved would last longer’.

In his message to the readers of the magazine he says “It is specified in Ayurveda that one should follow the day routine, the night routine as well as the seasonal routine. The knowledge to be worn is worth welcome and the, ignorable knowledge needs to be deleated. And then only, being healthy we can avail a longer age, Along with the same, the real faith in parents and “Guru” (teacher) and the services followed with the faith in them might turn them into immortality. Not only this, with parents one should deal with love mercy and sympathy, than only he can treat them without greed and selfish motive. Idolized Dhanwantari, Raj vaidya Pandit Shiv Kumar Shastri and revealing from incurable diseases their Shri Dhanwantari Dharmamrit, Aushadhalaya, Kashi. The oldest and the most successful system of ancient Indian Medical Science Ayurved, and whose world fame centre is Kashi, the aforesaid hospital is at service for the last several generations. At present Pt. Shiv Kumar Shastri from the times of his father, has been treating with the difficult as well as incurable diseases for the welfare of the mankind. “The institution is not a profit based formula” unit, rather it locates on the shoulders of services to the humanity. This is God’s grace that the same is just flowing down as a river of tradition for the last more than three hundred years, and this is based by Lord Dhanwantari.

“Dhanwantari Jayanti (The birth day of Lord Dhanwantari the originator of Ayurved) to which, they celebrate as “Dhan Teras” (worship of Goddess laxmi and Lord Kuber). Actually, its original form is to celebrate the existence of Lord Dhanwantari, the founder of Ayurved. This festival is originated once again by this particular family. A very rare and an authentic idol (matallic0 is worshipped throughout. The particular and rare most, authentic idol and which is made of a bland of pure gold and “Ashtadhatu” (A metallic compound consisting as much as 8 metals) and is situated on the big throne of gold and silver, could be seen publicly, on the occasion of “Dhan Teras” that is Dhanwantari Jayanti. In this family the very tradition is coming for a long.

This family has the honour of “Raj Vaidya” (Royal Physician) of his Highness, Maharaja of Banaras State for the last eight generations and remains at present as well. So many V.I.P.S have been given medical cure in the country as well as abroad, and who could be noticed as Pt. J.L. Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Jai Prakash Narain, Rajiv Gandhi, Gyani Zail Singh, Dalai Lama, Koirala and Dr. Hari Vansh Rai Bachchan etc. Today, In India and there in the rest of the world diseases like cancer and aids, which are standing incurable against any system of medicology, and the doctors are failure, seeking no wayout, the same have got the only original and authentic solution in Ayurved and which eradicates the diseases from its roots. For this particular reason the preparation of all the Ayurvedic medicines is conducted by means of the desired minerals. Hurbs and other original materials in “Shri Dhanwantari Dharmamrit Aushadhalaya, for the last so many centuries. All this is performed completely based on “Shastra” indicated and authentic process. Such type of specified medicines are never possible to be prepared, there in a commercial factory. Because undergoing the strict micro supervision of the skilled Vaidyas these medicines might take years to get prepared. For this in different seasons the roots and herbs, when available are extracted with compounding and blending and during this course it takes years and then only the medicines carry their surprising effects.

For centuries, in the tradition of Raj Vaidyas, few rare and effective medicines are of the significance, that they relieve the patient in his trouble at once. These “Life-elixir” medicines are not known nor these are traceable to any body and same is being searched by the world, nowadays. But so for as the treatment of such incurable diseases is not a matter of the bookish study nor it has been illustrated, in the traditional books, rather it is based on experience load by the practicability and with the help of the same, thousands of them have become free of any disease and rare leading a happy and healthy life.

For an instance:

1. Paralysis
2. Kidney Problem
3. Skin disease and Allergy
4. Cardiological diseases
5. Thylesemia
6. Old Gout
7. Diabetes
8. Polio
9. Immunity disorder
10. All the neurological defects

Which means that by making proper use of certain herb and medicines in all types of diseases, a patient’s immunity order, what could be defined as resistance power could be enhanced. This particular medicine has proud of great use in conditions undergoing the serious most diseases like Cancer and Aids. Remarkable is that the aforesaid diseases, although prone to be life costing and quite force in their mental horizon-got for centenaries this Vaidya family, by the grace to Lord Dhanwantari, has been curing even paralysis as well as other diseases with hundred percent success. Each patient coming to the hospital is diagnosed through special manners. The old and aged Raj Vaidya Shastri Ji, when treating a patient a person’s health, season time, age, capacity digestion etc., rather he considers him by means of so many devices. In the same way, men and women, old and children all are availing the rare and original medicines and getting relieved of the incurable diseases. One thing is worth remember that preparing all its medicines following the old tradition, their own medicines are never marketed nor the particular are available to any body else. Only personal contact can in rich the people in this connection.

Among these medicines there are few as given below:

1. Vrihat vatchintamani Ras (with Gold)
2. Yogendra Ras (Gold)
3. Raj Raj ras (Gold)
4. Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras (Gold)
5. Vatnashan Ras (Gold and Diamond)
6. Mrigant Ras (Gold)
7. Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras (Gold etc.)
8. Brahmi Vati (Gold & Kastoori) ‘Mushq’ 
9. Sootshekhar Ras (Gold)

The traditionally prepared medicines never carry an adverse or side effect where as the professional pharmacies-their preparations are not followed with their authentic process nor they posses its adequate knowledge, Result is that most of such medicines are inactive.

How to get the medicine: In the country as well as abroad, belonging to their residential limits they expect, getting rid of their-incurable diseases, with a view to provide them with facility undergoing a new arrangement they send us the diagnostic report of the patient, case history and the present physical complications and troubles, one undergoes-through an e-mail to our website or on Fax. No. or direct on telephone and can well receive the appropriate medicines through courier.


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